8 Tips for Ordering Business Cards

I just ordered business cards and thought these tips may be helpful reminders if you are doing the same.

Business Card Tips

1. Check spelling

Want a quick and easy way to test the spelling of your contact details? Have a friend read through the info, find your site through a test look-up, and send you a test email. Easy!

2. Check samples of other cards made by the company you are considering

I personally used a card shop that a friend used, so knew it was great quality. Sometimes samples may not be possible with a web purchase.

3. Make sure the price is clear prior to purchasing.

Know exactly what you’re ordering and how much it costs! It’s never fun to have added costs come up unexpectedly.

4. Send appropriate image types.

I sent .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files for both my sticker and business card designs. The company you are ordering from should provide clear direction on design and file requirements. Some companies even provide design revisions and advice!

5. Confirm proofs prior to print.

The sticker and business card companies I used both automatically sent me proofs to confirm prior to printing. This ensures the design is accurate. I definitely recommend printing the proofs prior to approval on a printer if you have one – this will ensure no surprises the day your cards arrive!

6. Make sure the quantity suits your needs.

Sometimes it’s a complete guess on what the quantity needed is, and that’s ok! You can collect data as you sell your product and make changes in quantity during your next restock.

7. Secure the timeframe in writing.

This can be helpful if your cards are set to arrive late or if there are any issues. Sometimes you can even get a discount in the case of a late delivery.

8. Ask whether the company requires advanced payment or pay on pick-up/delivery.

For my stickers I paid upon order, but for my business cards I paid at pick-up. Check with the company you are using to see which is the best option.


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Happy Crafting!



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