Simple Jewelry Product Packaging

Look what just arrived in the Studio! I’m currently in week 2 of prep for my very first craft fair. I’m excited to get my packaging sorted.

I’m no brand or packaging expert. This was also my first time buying business cards and stickers.

I researched Pinterest & Google for inspiration and picked a few key elements to create my above designs.

If you like the results and want to make some for your business, check out my notes!

Criteria I considered when designing my packaging:

1. Low Cost

Given I’m in initial growth stages, I’m focusing the majority of my cash on creating my product, establishing my e-commerce website, and gaining customers (which is tied to establishing my social presence for lead generation).

Given these priorities, the #1 consideration when choosing my packaging design was a low price.

As a first step in reducing cost I took inventory of what I already had on hand.

For my necklaces, I found some white boxes in my closet  that I’d been stockpiling. To cover the old logos I designed a basic circle sticker with just my company name, website, and icons for social media.

In addition to  boxes, I also needed a way to deliver single charms, bracelets, and earrings. I wanted something simple that highlighted the product but didn’t require additional wrapping while I was conducting sales.

After researching alternative options I decided on simple business cards for backings, and clear plastic covering to protect the product.


2. Timeframe

I ordered my card backings 3 weeks in advance to the fair date.

Reminder: It doesn’t matter how great your low-cost packaging is if isn’t available in time!

Make sure to also give yourself ample time to pre-assemble your products so you aren’t scrambling the night before.


3. Convey Website & Social Media Clearly

List your website in addition to key social media channels!

Your packaging design shouldn’t just display your company name. It should also direct prospects to your website for repeat purchase. It should display key information & action.

When listing your social channels, keep your audience in mind.

Focus on 3-4 social channels that have the highest frequency of use by your target customers. Having 6-7 social media links can get overwhelming.

Note: If you are a subscriber to my mailing list, I will be sharing a few great resources that have helped me isolate my key target audience for social media. If you aren’t on the list, join here for free business tools & tips. 

While adding your social sites info to your packaging, also double-check that each of your social channels easily direct back to your website!

Having someone follow you on Instagram is great, but it’s even better if you can have them shop your store 🙂

Drive your prospects to your website at all times.

Back of Etta Craft Business CardAnd don’t forget to utilize the back of your card! I added key social media links and included my website, as shown here.

Some key calls-to-action to keep in mind while designing: Visit my awesome website, buy my cool products, follow me & subscribe for more!

I needed the white space for the actual product chain, so will be creating a secondary card with call-to-action, bonus incentives, and product care. More to come, so follow!

4. Multi-functional

I opted for two different designs not just for the visual contrast, but because it increased the functionality of my cards.


I really liked the black card with a white center circle, but as a business card alone it would serve awkwardly.

The white polka-dot card can be used as a stand-alone business card OR or a backing card for larger items, so it a great multi-functional item.


5. Consistent Design to Website, Blog & Overall Brand

I’m not currently investing my time and money in creating a logo, so I simply used my favorite font across all my branding.

They key is to make sure it’s consistent, no matter how simple.

Tip: To make sure your card and sticker designs are exactly what you want prior to ordering, simply print them on a home printer if you have one.

6. Easy Assembly!

Don’t pick something too complex that will take lots of time to assemble. Time and effort should be put into the product itself, not the packaging.

One simple hole punch, cut, or stitch will adhere my product to my business cards.



I‘ll definitely redesign my packaging and create a logo when I’m more profitable, but for now…. I think it works well!

I’m kind of proud of myself.

Subscribe for more, follow on Facebook for updates, and be sure to stop by the fair if you are in Singapore!

Happy Crafting,


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