Donut Cupcakes Etta Craft Donut Charms

Donut Cupcakes!

Donuts. Donuts everywhere.

I tested out my new & exciting donut shaped cupcake pans today. How cute are they?! And the best part is they match exactly to my handmade donut charm jewelry.

To make these cupcakes you can use any cake batter you love. I chose the classic vanilla birthday cake recipe from Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson.

This is one of my all-time favorite baking books so highly recommend checking it out!

To make the donut cupcakes, I simply prepared the recipe, then added the batter into a piping bag to ensure clean edges while filling the pan.


This particular Wilton pan I used only makes 6 donut cupcakes at a time, so I suggest buying multiple pans if you are looking to feed an entire party.

Tip for those in Singapore: You can find this pan at Phoon Huat!

How do you like how these turned out?

I will be adding a baking tutorial to youtube soon alongside the donut charm tutorial, so be sure to follow Etta Craft on Facebook, Instagram and this blog to be notified when it’s posted. I also have a private recipe share group on Facebook called the Etta Craft Bakery – simply request to join!

What other flavors and color icings do you suggest I use next? So many options!

Donut Charms and Donut Bracelet Etta Craft

I hope this inspires you to make some fun shaped cupcakes the next time you bake.

XO, and happy crafting!


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