Do-nut Eat these Yummy Charms

Most of you experienced clay charm crafters know how to make a basic donut:

  1. IMG_2628Roll a ball of clay.
  2. Press it with your finger to flatten.
  3. Poke a hole in the center.
  4. Add some texture from sandpaper.
  5. Add some pastel for color.
  6. Top with icing.
  7. Add some sprinkles.
  8. Add an eye pin.
  9. Bake & cool.
  10. Glaze & allow glaze to dry.
  11. Add a jump ring. Voila!

But… did you know you can add essential & fragrance oils to the dough & icing to make scented donut charms?

Maybe you did 🙂

And did you know jump beads can be used as gold & silver sprinkles?

Maybe you knew that too 🙂

In that case, you are already a donut-making pro! Feel free to comment on which donut charm colors are your favorite & skip along to the next tutorial.

And if you haven’t made donuts, scented frosting, or sprinkles before, feel free to watch the linked youtube tutorials and try it out. It’s a great starting project.

Frosting can be both messy & tricky at first, but that’s why it’s so fun to learn.

Happy Crafting!




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