Scented Charms! ARE YOU SNIFFING ME?!

Hi everyone. Things just got real smelly in the Etta Craft studio. I’ve been clay crafting for years, but never realized until TODAY that you can add scents to polymer clay to make scented charms!!

I’m sooo excited I can now craft with scents!

My charms & scents have just aligned…

Three of my absolute favorite things as a kid were:

My first work experiences only fueled my scent obsession. In High School, I worked at Origins Cosmetics (all natural essential oils in their products FYI!) and while attending University I managed Fragrances & the Estee Lauder Counter at my local department store.

I smelled every perfume & cologne possible while learning the standard fragrance wheel. I memorized product ingredients as well as the top, middle, and base notes of my favorite fragrances. My coworkers and I even performed blind sniff tests & identified fragrance for fun.


DIY Fragrance

After leaving cosmetics to work full time in tech sales, my next obsession soon became natural cosmetics & perfume making. I bought every essential oil I could get my hands on, and read every book I could find about the subject.

If you’re interested in reading more about aromatherapy here are a few of my favorite books.

I learned a lot of awesome things, like the mood-altering benefits of different types of scents, the toxicity of certain oils, and the best extraction methods and growing locations for different types of plant oils.

I tested countless scents to see which I liked best & which blended well with other base oils and notes. Check out these lotion bar samples I made:

Essential Oils

Eek! This cutting board still smells like oranges and roses no matter how many times I wash it. I  definitely recommend photographing lotion bars on a non-porous surface!


Stay Tuned for my Charming Scents

Now that I’m back making charms I’m excited to combining my love of charm making with my scent obsession. I never thought I’d be able to use my fragrance knowledge when making clay crafts!

Check out my very first tutorial here. Scented charms tutorials WILL be added. This WILL be awesome. I’m SUPER excited. I hope you are too!!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for the latest tutorials 🙂



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